Generate Electrolyte Drink (Blackcurrant) Single Serving


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Generate Electrolyte Drink (Blackcurrant) contains a blend of carbohydrate and electrolytes (such as sodium) that promote optimal hydration.  Our products have a light refreshing taste and are easily digestible so they can fuel you faster.

A combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes enhance your body’s ability to absorb water during exercise, maintain your endurance, performance and protect against cramp.

Directions for use

For easy mixing, simply empty sachet (approx 13.5g) in to 450ml of water in our sports drink bottle and shake well ensuring the lid is firmly closed.  Drink 450ml every 45-60 minutes of exercise or as required.

Key Features

  • Delivers energy and fluid fast
  • High in sodium to promote hydration
  • 75.3 grams of carbohydrate per 100g
  • Light refreshing taste
  • Contains a single serving (approx 13.5g)



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